6 Tips To Reduce College Student Stress

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  • Going through a stress-free university life is impossible for some. Research projects, exams, presentations, talks, problems, exercises, etc. make the student feel the pressure of study together with the dreaded delivery dates or exams.



    Student stress levels tend to be very different depending on the time of year. Undoubtedly, the end of the course tends to be a time of high stress in university students so we will share some tips to live with these periods and reduce student stress. Follow these tips and say goodbye to stress.



    1. Will



    As a first step, you should know that academically everything is achieved through effort and self-control. Studying, homework, research or even attending classes, everything depends on your own will.



    2. Taking responsibility



    Today's world, while offering many possibilities, is also governed by money. You will probably have to take a job in parallel to your studies in order to cover the costs. The accumulation of activities can produce a state of tension that leads to the famous "academic stress" that you must avoid if you want to reach your goals.



    3. Take care of your health



    It is essential that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Vitamins, proteins and minerals are necessary for your body to stay energetic. During the learning process your brain consumes a large part of this energy so if you want to maximize your capabilities, you must ensure that your diet is adequate.



    4. Exercise!



    And when it comes to energy costs or accumulated stress, sports activities are the healthiest antidote to stress. During college you spend too much time sitting in front of a book, slowing down your whole body. Keep your body and mind toned by practicing some sport, at the same time you will be meeting people and making friends.



    5. Give importance to the study



    While going to college offers a lot of experiences you'll treasure for the rest of your life, it's imperative not to forget what your first goal is; you're there to learn.



    6. Organize!



    Learning without stress is possible if you organize yourself. Summaries, syntheses and diagrams are excellent methods for incorporating knowledge little by little without feeling overwhelmed. Avoid leaving for the last thing that is a priority, if you can do it today do not resign it.



    Complying daily with your university assignments such as assignments, diagrams or summaries will help you to better prepare the most important exams and get rid of the anxiety of the last hour. Studying at the last minute will only cause anxiety and nervousness for the most important period of the course.



    Stress during exams



    Final exams are approaching and many university students are succumbing to the claws of stress. The accumulation of credits and their respective evaluations, competitiveness with peers, anxiety about exams and/or the few hours of rest are factors that seriously affect the academic performance of these students.



    Many universities have chosen to incorporate meditation techniques into their programmes in order to put an end to stress. Among the different variables, the Mindfulness (full consciousness) is the one that is receiving more acceptance by the university community, even internationally renowned universities such as Harvard, Stanford or Georgetown teach courses on this discipline of meditation among their students, teachers and academic staff.



    Mindfulness consists of paying attention and accepting those thoughts or emotions that you feel at the moment and not trying to run away from them. In a less mystical way, it consists of focusing at a maximum level on what we are doing and avoiding any kind of dispersion. This technique is not only useful for avoiding stress but also promotes performance.



    One of the ways to train the mind in this discipline is breathing. You have to try to focus on the way in which it is produced and nothing else, the mind will try to wander to other thoughts but it is at that moment that you have to realize and redirect your attention back to the breath. When one is more aware of oneself, the student is able to assess when one is giving and when one is not giving and to assess the moments when one's mind needs a rest in order to be able to achieve maximum performance afterwards.



    Practicing Mindfulness five minutes before starting to study will benefit your understanding of what you are reading and, consequently, will bring greater performance. It has been proven that the continuous practice of Mindfulness gives results at eight weeks, although it is true that if you give up you lose the improvement.






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    The final choice is yours.

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